We can build a comprehensive and customized cybersecutiy strategy that will leverage product variety and align them to your company's needs.

Not all vendors and products are created equal. There are many decisions that need to be made to ensure the right products and services are selected to meet your needs.

We work with a wide variety of vendors that allow us to select the right combination of products and services to fit your needs. We can implement and install, or recommend the strategy for self-installation.
Our goal is to understand your needs, your situation, your vision, your constraints, your corporate goals, and your career goals.

The sheer number of products, capabilities and security concerns can be overwhelming.

Often times it's not only the correct product selection that is essential, but the correct configurations of products that will ensure the best security posture.

​RTB will solve the problem of product and vendor overload by providing a customized security solution based on your needs and budget.